Phone Sex

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Have you ever had a five-minute orgasm?


Have you ever had a five-minute orgasm? Sounds impossible, doesn't it? Crazy that I would even ask?

But you know what... I am a hypnotist, and the other day I easily gave a woman a five-minute orgasm using hypnosis. (I didn't let her go that easy, of course. I made sure she had plenty more orgasms before we were done.) And the most amazing thing about this is that I didn't even touch her. In fact, I wasn't even in the same room. All this took place--over the phone.

I wouldn't let her play with herself, either. No, I wanted to show her that she can have powerful, body-throbbing orgasms without any direct genital stimulation at all.

You might be wondering if it was just her imagination. I don't know, her moans, screams and begging for more told me that whatever was happening, it was like nothing she had ever experienced. That might not be the kind of thing that you really want to experience, too...

... because this is NOT for everyone. This is only for women who are confident enough, adventurous enough and mature enough to handle it. This is NOT for the insecure or the immature.

Please e-mail me if you have any questions, I'd be happy to explain more.

First time callers should expect the call to last at least 30 minutes, so I can get you to the proper depth of hypnosis.