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The Sintellectual Miss Jane

I'm all about the D in BDSM

Jane knows when Dick has been BAD

It's hard to say what my favorite part of doling out a solid spanking is - the look in a sub's eyes when I inform him of his fate, the satisfying thwack of a belt or spatula, the pleas and even tears as he begs for mercy, or the pretty pattern of red welts he wants to cover up but oh, it hurrrrrts, mistress! And with me you run the risk of something other than your bottom getting the strap... could be the palms of your hands, the backs of your thighs, or the root cause for your need to be disciplined - your balls. Oh yes, CBT is on my spanking menu!

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I also have a keen appetite for schoolboy-style punishments, and spanking is only one of them. Perhaps you'll get corner time, or you'll have to write lines (yes - handwrite, no keyboard copy-paste!), or wash your mouth out with soap. Attempts to bribe your way out of a punishment may meet with some success, but there's usually a devious twist involved - don't expect to completely escape your fate.

BLOG: Homemade Cock & Ball Torture, with PTV!

I can think of a few fun ways our call could go, though you are welcome to bring your own flavor - exploring new facets of this particular kink is a fun way for me to learn while you are learning a lesson:

* Share a real-life experience, like the first time you got an erection from a spanking
* Bring implements for your "favorite" punishment to our call and show me on webcam
* Confess your sins, I assign a punishment, and you email me proof of completion

To show your appreciation .........

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