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MistressCandy's Cocksucker/Panty Confessional

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Face it, if you have made it to My listings you have been thinking about getting in touch with your feminine side for some time now-I am MistressCandy69 also known as Mistress C the "sissy whisperer"-.Like a good girl you will wear makeup at all times, from blush and lipstick to body glitter. Your long fingernails will be painted perfectly. You will wear an assortment of pretty clothes including panties, bras, slips, high heels, corsettes, skirts, nylons, thigh highs and garters. You will sit, walk, look, act and smell like the pansy you are. Like a good girl you will stand correctly at attention, bosom thrust out, belly in. You will curtsey with grace and humility, and My precious little whore, you will Be My Little Bitch!-Come and Confess your Sins to ME in My sissy confessional...
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Wouldn't You Like to Become the Best Sissy Girl You Can Be? Apply to Become another one of My finest A+ students In My Astute Sissy/Feminization Academy And Let's Start your Training.By the End Of the first marking period-You Will or Shall Think And Act Like You Have a Pussy Of Your Own.It will Be a dream come true!!So you think you look sexy in those stockings, heels and lipstick?
You will Never be the real woman of your dreams-Unless you go all The way And Have the Transformation.If you are a Closet Fag,Sissy Slut,Tramp,Flaming Pansy and Secret Crossdresser-then you've come to the right place.I have been training Sluts and Fags and Pansies like you for many years.I have loads of experience and have excelled during the years by training sissy boys into the woman of their dreams-I use Strapon play & Various Forced Bi Techniques to force My students to excell and with My schooling you too will become the best slut you can be.I will also teach you the ways of mastering and becoming The Best Cocksucker,Cum Guzzeler Of all time.Make sure when you are in My classes and start MY intense training program to always do your homework and you will succeed in excellence always.You will be able Re-enter life knowing that you are the biggest Prissy Princess,Sluttiest Sissy,Prettiest Pansy Cocksucker.
Feminization Contract$18
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I can assure you upon graduation-you will be feminized to the best of your Ability and Knowledge..So what are you waiting for Let's get started.Come join Me and The Rest Of the Sissy Sluts in One Of The finest Schools around- My Academy Of Sissification and Feminization.Class Is Now In Session-Don't Be Tardy!! Do you Identify as a CD or a Sissy? Let Mistress C decide there is a big difference between a sissy and a crossdresser..
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