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I caught my husband cheating. Phone & erotica.

I stopped at my husbands' office unannounced one day to find him cheating on me. I don't understand. I am a 40 year old attractive woman. My friends tell me I have a great body. I still wear a bikini to the marina and I have a nice all natural 38 DD chest.

I am sexually open in the bedroom. I have more than once brought another woman into our marital bed for my husbands' pleasure.

I have not told my husband that I am aware of his cheating. I live a nice lifestyle and am not sure I am ready to give that up. Even if I could take him for everything.

While I was devastated at first I also started getting turned on by things my husband was doing behind my back that he didn't do with me. Over the years he started just kind of rolling over on top of me when he wanted sex. But with these women he was talking dirty, using different positions and making me wet while I watched it all.

Are you a cheating husband and/or willing to say things to me that you wouldn't say to your wife?

Maybe you would like to talk to me like my husband talks to the woman he is doing behind my back.

Maybe you would like to listen while I tell you what I've seen.

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I do not do webcam. I am a real housewife in a real situation and must stay anonymous.

How I CAUGHT my husband cheating...
I rarely showed up at the showroom on the days I wasn't helping manage the storefront or answer the phones. I went to the gym that morning, had lunch with a girlfriend and did a little shopping. On my way home I noticed it was just about closing time for my husband. I decided to swing by and have him give me a tour of the progress on some remodeling being done to the showroom. The buzzer that notified my husband or any employees in the back office that a visitor had entered the front door was temporarily disconnected so the construction crew wasn't setting it off every few minutes.

I walked past the cabinetry displays and passed the sign reading "employees only" to the short hallway that led to the office. The door, generally wide open was nearly closed. My husband must have been on a phone call while the construction crew was still working.

As I reached for the doorknob I lifted my other hand to give the door a little tap. Just as my knuckles were about to make contact with the door, I was frozen in place by what I saw through the crack in the doorway.

A woman sat on top of my husbands' desk. Her feet in high heels rested on the desk chair in front of her. My eyes followed her slightly spread legs to the skirt that was hiked high on her thighs. Her blouse was unbuttoned and pushed to the side of her breasts.

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