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Asian Princess Naoko

Smart. Cute. Dominant. Using UR dick AGAINST you.

Hello, My name is Naoko. I'm a young Japanese American Princess. Born and raised in America, specifically New York. However My parents were born in Japan. Coming from a traditional but well to do family doesn't always means I have the luxury of expressing Myself. So that's why I came here, to Niteflirt and created ALL that you see here (even the html). To express.MYself. Some of My slaves are cute little pups, playful things. Kawaii!!! A few are the mental mind fuck "experiments" as I call them. Zombies who can't get enough of My voice breaking them down, reprogramming them. The rest are addicts. Addicts to Me, My mind, My beauty. My "Silverback" (older professional white male) tried to escape but could never stay away. He is retiring soon (no more random office jerk off sessions lol!), and he's begging to send Me more than his biweekly tribute. You may see down below in a special tribute to My slaves scroll are items that others like him (My private time) slaves have given Me.

I know you can't take your eyes off of Me. My smile of satisfaction and pleasure is the only thing you'll want to see. My voice...enrapturing you...wrapping itself around and around your brain and your cock. Oh that's right. I already know you're past the point of no return. My style, My smile, My charm. Teasing you until you are soup lol. The boys love Me. Even the ones that lie to themselves and try to escape. Try to quit Me. Try to delete Me. Try to purge Me. Try to "replace" Me. Try to be "normal". Vanilla. Pedestrian. They come back. I. ONLY I, Naoko have that have that dick programmed. So naturally it is MY dick. My cock. Nothing and no one but Me possess that true power. And with that true power you will kneel and tell Princess all. What fun! = ^ ^ =

Yes I'm a Female Supremacist and with that I believe ALL men are to serve and meant to serve. Me. If you are American, or are from the U.K., Holland, Australia, Japanese (motoaki, you must respond as soon as possible) yes you are to serve. Me. Flight attendant (shout out to My bitch billy), or a businessman. You are meant to serve. Me. I enjoy this because I am this. I care deeply for My slaves, and every slave I have who has earned his place in My life has started out as submissive. A submissive in need of an understanding but firm Princess. Being the youngest means that while yes I do have duties/functions to attend I'm also allowed to do as I please. I live at home (at My age it is the custom) I don't have bills, but certain interests of Mine have to remain discreet. However many of you continue to indulge Me in them. Good boys.

I'm accustomed to being treated a certain way so I expect you to behave. I'm not here to impress you, nor do I do this because I have rent to pay or some habit to support. Princess will not respond to those of you who tell Me to "so show me your power" or "make me do..." Why? Because I said so. To elaborate you are here. Right here, reading this. You're enthralled. Enraptured by Me. Princess understands that you're scared. You never encountered a woman who wouldn't bend over backwards for you. I get it. Princess isn't a Barbie doll here for you to bend and pose in ways YOU find sexy or pleasing. I have no qualms letting you know that upfront. It is you who are here to dazzle and impress Me. To fetch and play. Or to be twisted, hacked and programmed like a zombie OR one of those old wind up tin toy robots. Princess loves Ebay. Still looking for the perfect one lol!= ^ ^ = My time and energy however will not be wasted on those of you who come to Me mirthless and worthless. Go find someone else, someone who demands so very little for herself. There are far too many generous, playful, and willing subs on here for Me to waste My time with the listless, empty handed, or cheap. After all I am generous with My time to those of you who are generous to Me.

♫ Awwe I see someone came back, just can't quit Me huh? ♫ (>‿◠)