Phone Sex

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Welcome to My world of sinful pleasures, pets. I am Dominique Danger, and I invite you to bask in the infinite brilliance of Female Supremacy, that is I. Let your eyes wander and come to rest upon My beauty. I am everything -- and more -- that My name suggests. But you already sensed that, didn't you? As easily as you can sense those yearnings welling up from deep within you as you peer at Me with disbelieving eyes: Your cravings for a woman of total power who can stretch you to the brink of complete surrender. I am that muscle muse of your innermost imaginings. The dark secret you've kept hidden away and fantasized over in secret for as long as you can remember. I'm the steely amazon bitch forged from your submissive psyche, fleshed out of your wet dreams and ready to tame you, should you dare. Far from any generic kitten with a whip, I am a multifaceted, lifestyle domina of many interests: Bodybuilding, Powerlifting, Olympic Weight Lifting, Submission Wrestling, Martial Arts, just to name a few. And I employ them for My favorite pastime of all, keeping worthless men on their knees beneath My gaze, whimpering for mercy. Should I wish, I can hold you captive between my 30" thighs with the firmest, rib crushing scissor you will ever experience. Or manipulate you into a slow, sweet, torturous sleeper hold. Depending on My whim, and your compliance, I might even offer you the privilege of completely abasing yourself before me and let you kiss my delicate size, perfectly manicured, 8 1/2 feet. For the submissives willing to completely abandon their masculine pretenses and yield to My commands, you will find Me a stern, yet forgiving domina guiding your quest for true BDSM liberation. I am assertive in everything I do. My mind and body are equally tough and can provide you with the session of your dreams, or strip your manly ego aside and leave you an empty husk of what you used to be. The intoxicating power of rich rhetoric can be captivating indeed. It paves the way to your rebirth under My authority. So cast away the restraints that bind you to a tangible realm of futile nothingness, and surrender your being to the wicked ways of this Steel Goddess as you both embark on this journey into an elusive world of intoxicating splendor, where fantasies and fairytales come to life. The world of massive muscle bound in leather is fetish redefined. Welcome to My kinky kingdom, you wretched, wretched one. Now come hither, let this Goddess rob you of your sanity, rhyme and reason, but for a short while....My dear puppet.