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Lady Devant: sexy creative college girl

devant sweet

I love men. I love the way they feel against me, love the way they smell, the way they talk. I love cock, more than anything. I enjoy making men feel good, pleasuring them in any way that they want me to. I do things I would never expect from myself just to hear a man moan in pleasure from what I’m doing to him.

I love begging to cum, one of my favorite phrases is “Master, may I cum?”. I love hearing men tell me no, I love that build up of pleasure and the way my thighs shake when I want it so badly. I enjoy touching myself, and I especially enjoy listening to others touch themselves. I am true to myself. I admit that I’m a slut. That I love cock and I love making men want me.

I’m creative; I like coming up with new ways to hear a man moan, to hear him say my name and ask me to keep going. I like being told to beg, commanded to do things that I would never do and that take me out of myself completely. I love hearing things that make me moan even when I don’t want to, even when I’m trying hard to control myself. I like giving all of myself over to someone and letting them do with me what they will.


I also enjoy being the one in charge, though. Telling a man when he can and can’t cum, demanding that he tell me what he’s thinking about and what he’s doing with his hands. I like bossing men around at times, and just love hearing them call me Mistress, or Lady. I enjoy controlling some things of a man’s life, when he can sleep with someone and who it can be.

Buy me things

I can be a brat, and a little princess, and I will always enjoy it when someone buys me something pretty or gives me something to make myself happy. I can whine and throw tantrums, or just enjoy someone being my sugar daddy.

devant senior picture

That being said, I’m also smart. I love talking about pretty much anything, and I can have an intelligent conversation with other people fairly easily. I enjoy just talking over the phone, chatting about anything. Laughing and talking about our days, I can be your girlfriend, if that’s what you want from me.


I love role playing, even when it comes to D&D. Whenever I hear someone mention that they play D&D or Minecraft, it makes me hot right off the bat. I’m very very attracted to geeks. I’ve always had a fantasy about breaking my computer in some way simple, that I could easily fix, but calling someone over anyway, and asking him to help me out. Then while he’s working, kneeling under the desk and wrapping my lips around his cock, trying hard to distract him from what he’s doing. Same with playing videogames. I love trying to distract a man with my mouth while he’s doing something, trying to get him to put down the controller and wrap his fingers in my hair instead.

I'm a nursing student, and I know a lot of medical terms, and I love medical play! I think I need to get a nurse's uniform for my next photo shoot, don't you?

devant geeky

Speaking of roleplaying, I don’t only enjoy tabletop games or computer games, but also fantasy. I’d love to be your maid or your nurse, or even a schoolgirl looking for some extracurricular activity. I can be your lover or your wife, or someone you’ve just met in a bar. I love describing what I’d like to do with you, and I have a very large vocabulary concerning that.

devant luscious

I think I am attractive, and I love men who find me attractive, or men who get turned on by my actions and confidence. I’m 22 years old, a nursing student, pink hair, with blue eyes and thick black glasses, and I’m curvy, with wide hips and big boobs (40D). I love showing off my cleavage and playing with my own chest in front of people just to make them look at it. I love the attention of someone not being able to tear their eyes away from me.


Devant is an adjective used in ballet to describe being in front - I studied ballet my whole life. I love that it looks just like “deviant”, and that its meaning describes my exhibitionist tendencies as well as ballet.

devant silly

All of that out on the table, I’m obviously very open to a lot of things, and always willing to try something new. If you have something you like, and that isn’t listed or described here in some way, give me a call anyway, and I’m sure that I can do something for you!