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Madame Debauchery

Harlot Procurement for the Upper Class Brothel

Welcome to The Manor House.

With a distinguished clientele, I offer the epitome in luxury, decadence, and sensual entertainment. My guests have a varied and sophisticated palate. They require all of their hedonistic desires to be fulfilled. But of course, you my dear, are not a guest ..... You are part of the stable of fillies provided to whet and finally satiate their appetites.

Enter your room, undress and deposit your male attire in the small chest by the door. A valet will collect it later. You will find a plush bathrobe hanging above the chest for your use. Leave the room and go by the servants' elevator to the Spa. Appointments have been arranged for you to be waxed, buffed, coiffured and cosmetically enhanced in a manner that will be appropriate for you. Once complete, return to your room.

Open the large closet doors and you have permission to peek inside. Soft flowing silks, bright lustrous satins, black leather, delicate lace - an array of sensations .... But which one to choose? The decision has been made for you. Go to the desk and find the beautiful gold edged, heavy white card - it will list the name, room number and predilections for your client. Dress appropriately .....

As you turn to leave for your assignation, spray the perfume from the crystal bottle labelled "Slut" .....

I look forward to hearing from my guest with your feedback.