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Young bratty bitch princess leaves you high & dry

You can call me Princess Z. I'm a rebellious 19-year-old brat who loves to squeeze "school money" from her rich grandparents and spend it on new hair, sexy clothes, and concerts. I really could give a shit less what he thinks the money is going to. He never gives me enough and let's face it, I'm a young beautiful bitch who deserves to be spoiled.

Now listen up losers. Here's how it's going to work and I'm only going to say this once. You're gonna do what I say, and say what I tell you to, or we're through. Why? Maybe because I'm cute, maybe because you want to worship my incredible body. Mostly because you're a pathetic asshole who's addicted to giving me everything I want. Whatever.

Wanna be my pay-pig? Of course you do, asshole! First things first, you're going to call me and tell me how bad you want me. You're going to tell me all your dirty little secrets as incentive for me to pay attention to you. Otherwise why the hell would I? I've got better shit to do.

Next, you can prove you're a good little cash slave by sending me a tribute and blackmail contract. You will then be on my mailing list and complete regular assignments for me, or I will humiliate you without giving one single fuck. Who knows, maybe I will anyway if I have a shitty day. You better keep me happy.

I expect complete servitude and obedience from you. That means at least one phone call a week (on Niteflirt), which you will first ASK PERMISSION for via this site. You're also going to buy me something nice at least once a month. This is just the bare minimum, so if you want me to pretend like I give a fuck, go above and beyond.

Be my slave.