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Sissy Intervention



Dr. Kimberly cannot be responsible or held liable for the disruption of your manhood, faggot/sissy urges, a sudden need to wear panties, or any slutty behavior or your part.

I am Doctor Kimberly. I hold a Bachelor's degree in Sissyology & Cum Slut Issues. And, a PhD in Erotic Faggot Studies at the prestigious University of Slutty Sissy Tendencies in San Francisco, California. So, rest assured your sissy sexual issues are in capable, trusting hands.

Four basic things to consider when you define your sissy sexual addiction problems are:

1. Do I have a sense that I have lost control over whether or not I engage in my specific slutty out-of-control sexual behavior?

2. Am I experiencing significant consequences because of my hot and horny out-of-control sexual behavior? Are my friends catching on that I like to wear panties and cross my legs like a girl?

3. Am I constantly viewing porn, either with a tranny or a hot guy, even when I don’t want to?

4. Do I think of my cock as a clitty? That is a tell-tale sign that you are having an acute sissy identity crisis.

If so, you have a serious issue that I am highly qualified to address. And by the way, even if "She" is a tranny, it's still a cock! Stop kidding yourself.

Some of the issues we can address are: proper sissy training, sucking cock, anal pleasure, cum dumpster, dildo training, glory holes etiquette, trucker rest stop protocol, dressing up, forced feminization, forced faggotry, bi-curious, cock & ball torture, black cock devotion, chastity devices, strap-on play, sissy make overs, financial domination, small dick humiliation, forced intox, domination & submission, voyeurism, latex/leather.

Remember, only you can help you…………………so call. My office door is open, and I look forward to conducting a private "Sissy Intervention" with you.

Sessions can be conducted via Skype during a call where I watch you. Let me see you so I can determine how passable of a sissy you really are. Also, Dr. Kimberly supervised dildo training is available on Skype as well.

**Are you ready to be on my Sissy Hall of Fame wall? E-mail me for details!

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