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Mistress DixieLand

Racial Southern White Trash Mistress

Howdy ya’ll, this is your lucky day, you’ve found me, a true down home White Trash Southern girl. I come from a town where bubbas chew tobacco, drink beer and sad to say have small fucking dicks. But hey those Bubbas aren’t all bad, at least they know how to put a coon in there place. I tell ya true, ya’ll best be getting your nappy asses back to your side of town or deal with our Bubbas. Now don’t get no ideas about me being a push over just cause I’m white trash. Hell I’m still better then any of you, know how to control any man, and don’t take no shit from any of you sad twits. I’m a true beauty and deserve nothing but the best and that’s just what you will be giving me; the best of anything I desire which in your case is your money. I’m blonde, nice tits, fine ass, and you will bow down to me and be my bitch at the snap of my fingers. I’m Mistress Dixie and you best learn right off who rules and who is in control. Any way you cut it I’m better then you, so come on over, get down on all fours and crawl over to your new Mistress and beg to serve me. Bitch you heard what I just said, don’t give me that look, hop to it and do as your told. Oh and by the way; get ready to part with all of your money because I’m a high up keep White trash Mistress, nothing but the best for me, you had best damn well believe it. One other thing you dumb asses had better get clear from the get go. I DON’T DO PHONE SEX, I WON’T MOAN FOR YOU. IF YOU PLEASE ME I WILL LET YOU MOAN FOR ME, THAT IS IF YOUR GOOD.