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Jessica Ann

Pay to feel the rush of serving a dominant woman

Males who are successful in most areas of their life find that submitting financially to a strong dominant woman feeds their submissive side in such an exciting and satisfying that they keep coming back for more!

Financial servitude has to be something you have a deep need for beyond the arousal of your dick in order to please me.
Raise the rate game is an easy, quick interaction.

To be my financial asset takes time. Don't expect me to understand all the nuances of what makes you tick immediately. True financial servitude happens as trust grows and you invest in me with calls and tributes.

Most days I am available to speak with you by 5 pm or 7 pm EST through 10:00 pm EST.

I understand that many of you just get by week to week. If that is you, then take your lunch to work and buy me a gift with the money you would have spent eating out.

If you have a well paid position then you better get your priorities in order and send me a tribute otherwise I won't take your proclamations of servitude seriously.

Maybe I even learn things about you that you don't really want to tell me, but you will tell me.

If you need to talk some before working up to this listing's price, look at my profile page and pick the cuckold listing . Eventually I will stop talking to you at that price and demand that you call me here or on my higher priced listing if the topic of our discussions are about you being a financial submissive for me.

Regarding paid chat. I will only let you warm up to financial domination on chat, then tell you to call me on this listing or Tribute me before I'll continue the chat.

At first you might think I'm too nice,
and then after a call or two...
you'll learn what it is really like having me in your life.
You'll learn that this is reality, and yours is changing.
Any area of your life that you were lying to yourself about how good it is, (if you think you are good at sex) I will expose your truth to you.

You have the need to serve. I fulfill that need.

You find feet erotic because you know you don't deserve to see a Woman's 'secret garden'!
You have the need to pay for your physical inadequacies and crave being talked to by me in a way that no other woman does.
You'll enhance my already prosperous life!

Even cuckolding is normal and basic as far as I am concerned. If you are submissive or just have a small penis. It takes more than simply cuckolding a male to arouse me. Cuckolding is simply keeping a male in his place.

Real men who I am attracted to have no problem arousing me in person.

Don't expect me to get excited while talking with you! The only way I might feel a tingle between my lower lips is if you give a hefty tribute or we are playing the 'raise the rate game'. Even then I'll not tell you if I do get excited.

If paying doesn't turn you on, then why are you even reading this listing? Since paying does turn you on, then let's turn up the heat.

I have no interest in ruining you. I do have great interest in you using money for me that you would have used on yourself or your girlfriend or wife.

As you start to give me more and more,
the wildest of wild things may happen
you notice your failed male member rises...
at the mere thought of sending me a tribute...
The penis does not lie. Follow its guidance.

If you fail to increase your production as you give me more and more...
and fall behind financially in your own life...
that is your fault, not mine!

You will act upon all advice and demands,
both through email and over the telephone of your own free will at sole risk to you.

By any interaction with this Jessica Ann listing,
you hold me blameless for the results in your life of following any of my advice
or responding to my demands.

You will reveal your deepest secrets, fetishes and failures to me and your life will have purpose.

I will push you past your boundaries and make you squirm as you are very aware of the truths about yourself.

Don't think for a moment I'll allow you to 'release' down there in your nether regions while you are on the phone with me, unless you lick up your mess instantly.

Remember to look at my goody bag section for additional audios.

Each of you have a different amount of disposable income. I am into sustainable harvest. I prefer to milk some money regularly from you than to put you so far into debt that we can't sustain our interaction.

There are times when you will want to talk for quite a while. Sometimes you don't want a long outpouring of your thoughts, or a deep mental connection...
you just need to sacrifice.

Basic intro for confessions and cuckold advice for $3 in my voice click here.

It is that rush of paying, that is what it takes for you to cum hard, or dribble at all as the case may be!

My voice and words will remain strongly present with you each day,
reminding you of the truth of what you are, and what will be required of you, now that I own you. Maybe not your person, but surely, your turn on factor.

You will tell me your fetishes and secrets for I am the only one who truly understands.
I am not new to working with the beta male psyche.
I am a lifestyle Dominant Woman advising beta males for their Dominant Women
for over 15 years.

Healing, for males like you who can barely look in the mirror and admit who they are
only comes as my brusque honest appraisal of your shortcomings.
Maybe I will simply cause you to fall down on your knees
and admit what a lousy lover you were for your wife or girlfriend,
and how, because of your secrets, you keep yourself closed off from her.

Maybe she already found out about your shameful fetishes, and used them against you,
and now your fantasies have come to life, and aren't as easy to live with as you'd expected.
One thing is for sure, you'll just have to tell me everything that has happened.

I require your financial sacrifice
which I will graciously receive as you tell me about your life and cravings.