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Worship At My Perfect Arches and Supple Toes!

When slaves worship at my perfect arches and soft firm toes, I know when to show appreciation and when to administer punishment. A good slave might find himself massaging my feet or eating dainty berries or other delights from between my perfectly manicured toes. Occasionally I even put my well behaved devotees into a posture collar and allow them to paint my toes with their mouth, while I keep their hands and feet restrained. However, there do exist occasions where a slave will invoke my displeasure by not showing the appropriate humility or devotion to his goddess.

My disobedient slaves are still allowed to touch my feet. I would never completely deny them that privilege, but their interactions are quite different from those of my more obedient devotees. Oh how I love to punish my naughty phone sex pets!

If YOU ever have the misfortune of inspiring my wrath I may just tie you up and blindfold you until you're completely at my mercy. I'll put down basins of disgusting filth and food on the floor, stepping into them, squishing the chocolate and mud between my toes, glorying in the wealth of sensations the experience brings to my delicate feet. I'll then present them to you to clean with your mouth, requiring you to lick every last bit of dirt or food from between my toes while I laugh at your misfortune. Maybe I'll even make you guess what substance you are licking off. Of course you'll have to give me your answer later on, because you'll have a foot in your mouth at the time. No biting!