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Like most little girls I enjoyed playing with dolls when I was young. I had quite a collection of male dolls and I just loved dressing them up and making them wait on their superior female companions! Of course it helped that my male dolls didn't have much in the way of genitalia. With flatted, tiny penises what else were they good for? They were really only useful for being my fuck slaves and pets. Luckily for you, I never grew out of my desire to dominate and humiliate submissive males. I still love playing with dolls. I've just graduated from plastic ones to real human ones!

A sissy who has a forced feminization, or small dick humiliation call with me can expect me to be harsh, unrelenting and fond of playing games with my pets. I just love to humiliate my little bitch sluts and make them my cum eating whores. If you think being my sissy bitch will mean hours of dress up and shopping sprees then think again, because after I dress you up, I will mess you up!

I just love watching a sissy's naught clitty swell under the lace of his panties as he waits breathlessly for me to present him with hard cock to swallow. Don't expect to be able to interact with a real man right away though! I like to break in my sissies by making them take my massive dildo, just to warm them up a little for my bull of a boyfriend. From dressing you in cheerleader uniforms a size too small, to making you follow me around in tall heels that you can barely stand up in; you can expect some creative and cruel humiliation from a domme as devious and imaginative as Mistress Bea.