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Sonny Spankz

WANTED: cashcows, paypigs, & financial subs!

Time is money! If you want me to invest some of my time in you,and your worthless excuse of a life,that means, you have to be willing to invest some money in me (by calling me). Now, let me tell you why you are a worthless shell of a human being to me! You are worthless because you haven't given me anything of value. So to me you have absolutely no value at all; Thus you are worthless! If you expect to have any value, worth, or meaning to me, guess what you have to do? It doesn't take a rocket science to see what a HANDSOME and INTELLIGENT man that I am. You can tell by reading this profile that my intellect far exceeds the average joe or jane. Knowing that my brain capacity far exceeds yours, you should be more than willing to contribute to my financial well being, because it is I (your MASTER) that will guide you to the true meaning of life. What is the true meaning of life? The answer is right underneath your filthy nose. You are too much of a paypig to see it! You are an ignorant cash cow headed towards the slaughter house without my guidance and direction. Your stupid if you don't call me right now and give me some money! That just means that someone else is getting my attention instead of your sorry ass! I'm fucking waitng asshole!