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You're going to get what you deserve

Hmmm, I say as I look at you kneeling before me. You're a lucky man to have the opportunity to serve me. "Yes Goddess," you reply. As I walk around you I can't help but appreciate how attractive you are. I admire a man who takes care of himself. I give your ass a swift swat with my crop and you close your eyes and moan. Such a pain slut I think to myself as your cock grows harder and you stick your ass out hoping for another. A nice red welt raises up on your ass as a smile creeps across my lips.

I walk around to the front of you now, wearing the latex that you brought for me today. I welcome a man who has the means and desire to be generous. I bend my knees to get a better look at you. Open your mouth so I can inspect your teeth. Very nice I think to myself as I view a mouthful of well cared for teeth. "Now suck," I say as you close your mouth around my finger and begin to slide your tongue along my finger and eagerly suck up and down.

I pull my finger out of your mouth feeling satisfied and excited at the prospect of having you serve me. I squeeze your nipples forcefully, one of my favorite things to do. A loud cry escapes your lips as a large string of precum drips from your rock hard cock....down onto my shoe. "Look at the mess you've made on my shoe," I say with a hint of laughter in my voice. "Get down and clean it off." Good boys always clean up after themselves.

"Yes Goddess," you say as you obediently bend down to clean my shoe with your mouth and tongue. I love it when a man is so eager to worship my feet. You eagerly lap at my feet with your tongue, grunting and moaning.

"Come back up here slave and tell me you're ready to accept your place with me. Tell me you're ready to be owned and fucked and used by me," I say holding a collar in one hand.

"Yes, Goddess. I'm ready," you say.

"What about this cock, slut?" I say as I run my hand up and down the rigid length. "Is this cock going to be able to fuck me for hours?" I ask. "Yes Ma'am," you say deeply, your voice shaking with desire. "Once I've fucked this cock, will it be mine? I have no use for a wandering pee-pee," I say.

"Yes Goddess, you are the only woman I live for," you say.