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I'm a successful tattoo artist who just moved from the city to a village upstate. I'm changing directions in life by settling down and starting a new business up here. My soon-to-be wife and I have opened a coffee shop below our new apartment and hopefully will soon start a family. Since the winter's are tough up here, I call on you financial servants to support My plans for the next year with no complaints, expectations, whining. you can take satisfaction of furthering My success as whatever you want, although with a lack of gratitude from Me since you are here to suffer at the expense of those you understand to be better than you anyway. you will pay what you can, and then pay more. I will profit and grow and become successful in My new ventures, and then you will be dismissed. Work for you? (Doesn't matter, lol)

I will send out weekly (at least) pay-per-view updates on My awesome life to people who continue to contribute. I'll be updating this page with pics shortly.

Someone asked to see me tattooing's a few pics...


OK, I really don’t know how to word this without sounding gay but I really don’t give a fuck anyway cause I got to get this out. A while ago I met up with a dude at work which now is like beyond a blood brother to me. His name is Cole or Chopper. Mostly known as Chopper. We met at work discussing some tats he wants and yadda yadda we became buddies. As time has went bye a little now and helping him through hard times of losing his dad and being the best friend an counselor to him we became really close friends. We were damn near inseparable. I’ve had a lot of good friends and best friends in my time that have com and gone but it is different with him. I mean until you can honestly say you would take a bullet ffor someone. I would really jump in front of abullet for this dude. I would jump in front of a speeding train to save his life and I know he would do the same for me. It’s weird you know. I hopw that we can actually be old men one day chillin on a porch smoking a doob. Brothers till the end. Man we have shed tears 2gether and I know that sounds weird u know. Not old bad ass Dwane cryiin but I have to vent sometimes too and when it’s me and him it doesn’t bother me to.

So you all know I moved away with my girl to star a new life upstate and my boi was going to come up etc and at the time we all new he had cancer but everyone was optimistic and maybe in denial. I feel really lame for leaving but he said it was no big deal and he’d be up soon and all. It turns out he’s in stage 4 of non-hodgkin’s and now taking his chemo and not doing too bad. Moving up here isn’t really an option right now of course. He’s staying with family. We talk every fucking day sometimes for hours and send each other crazy shit online…but this cancer shit affect everyone and being so close to him it’s affecting my relationship too. I’ve talked about being in a motel a lot and that’s all stress from my girl not understanding why I’m freaking out about being in a silly village and not committing 100% to it while my buddy is in pain.

Anyway…you can imagine the bills he’s going to have when he makes it through this. It’s put a huge halt to our plans, but we want to be together up here and take what we can from this experience and move on. I don’t really know all the details about his insurance (I don’t really understand insurance at all lol) but he’s apparently going to be left with a huge debt. Some buddies have been organizing small stuff like head shaving and car washes and tattoo nights for fund raising and stuff like that. It’s really heartwarming and pretty amazing $$ wise, but it’s not enough of course. We’ve talked about starting some sort of fund for adult cancer patients. There’s lots for kids, but I think its harder for young adults to find money and help. But neither are super business smart lol. Maybe when we get him sorted out we will continue to do something. Volunteer or something.

So that’s that. I’m sure this whole thing is a turn off since you all seem to like being yelled at or looking at feet for some reason apparently but maybe you all can take some time to do something nice for someone you “worshiped” ‘s friend. That’s being a good slave or whatever I think.

There’s a couple buttons on here for Chopper. I will put that $ aside for him and only him. If you want to send more which would be awesome you can use the tribute thing and just mention it’s for him and I’ll put that aside too. That said, I’m pretty shit poor right now too, so send me something too. (but that’s cause I’m hot lol)

There’s some pics of us together on here too. (he said it’s ok) I’ve been looking at them and getting all misty eyed, but they are also fucking HOT. Lol. We’re so fucking hot together. (no, I’m NOT gay lol…I wish we were. Girls suck. Haha.
Go donate now. Later Ps I suck at making html pages lol. Obviously. This took me like 3 hours. haha

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