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Orgasm control, tease and denial, chastity

I want the key to your cock, and what’s almost as important is you want me to have that key. You want me to control how often you orgasm, and even how you orgasm. Hell, you need me to; think about how much more productivity you would get out of your day if you weren’t focused on shining your cock.

I will tease you with stories of my current real life exploits, my fantasies, and what I want to do to you. I’ll have you fuck your asshole in order to milk that cum out of you while leaving the pleasure for me, and only myself, to enjoy. Everyone is unique and has different interests and desires, and I get off on learning what makes you tick, and then using it to make you talk…or beg. How long will it take? An hour? Days? A Week? Or are you a real trooper who can hold out for a month? I’m excited to find out – so why haven’t you called me yet?

You're a horny, helpless chastity slut, and I love nothing more but to hear you begging for release, anxiously awaiting my answer. Don’t count on an immediate release.

I’ll have you do a task which I’ve discovered might be particularly difficult for you and depending on how you do that, I’ll let you out or not. If you whine, make excuses, or refuse, you should already know how that will turn out.

Or if you please me, hell, I might even allow you a bit of pleasure from time to time.

When I do decide to uncage your cock, I love directing your orgasm. Telling you how hard to squeeze, how fast to move, and ultimately controlling when you orgasm. Will you be good and wait until you have permission?

Mmmm…the best thing about orgasm denial, is watching the cum squirt out of a slut’s cock for the first time after a period of denial. Alright now I’m turned on!

While chastity, teasing and denial, and orgasm control are some of my biggest turn on’s, I also have over 12 years of knowledge and experience within the BDSM community behind me. Some of my other interests include: Sounding, electric sex, CBT, bondage, gas masks, interrogation, puppy play, boot and foot worship, cuckolding, and generally anything where I get to explore something interesting. Give me a call to explore your fetish!

This is a new profile, so you can expect to see more photos and erotica in the next coming days and weeks as I build a profile that I’m satisfied with. Yes, I expect myself to have the same standards that I expect of my slave bitches. As a result, while I get organized and get some practice, I’m going to offer a “Meet Lady Emmalyn Rate” to the first 5 people who call me. Call now to take advantage of it – remember, there's no limits on how many minutes per call at that rate.