Phone Sex

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Your wallet, your car, your house. I know what they really signify. You're so terrified that someone will realize that you are worthless, that you attempt to surround yourself with objects of value to distract them from the truth. You'll never fool me. I've learned to see through the paper thin veneer of meaning that you men shroud yourself in. I'll strip away that dollar bill suit of armor that you think will protect you from the gaze of women, and reveal the weak and worthless man inside. Giving your money to me will be the best investment you'll ever make. After all, you're not doing anything with it. Everyone knows that in order to profit from an investment you have to invest it in something that will gain value. Unfortunately, you diminish in value with each passing year. Your goals are worthless, your impotent penis shrivels with age and frustration. It's very clear that YOU are not a wise investment choice for your money. It's fortunate then that you've discovered me. I'd just love to take all that wealth off your hands and finally put it to use as a tribute to my beauty and feminine charms.
Since MY desires are so much more valuable than yours are, giving ME your money will be the first sensible investment you've ever made. Just tossing me a few dollars here and there won't do though. My greed and lust are insatiable. I need to drain you dry, not even leaving you the dregs, before I'll be satisfied. I'm a fierce financial succubus who will utterly consume you, bending you to my will until you're begging me to rid you of your very last coin.