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Bad Day at the Office? Need a Listening Ear...

This is probably going to be a very different type of Ad then what you see from other girls!

You know that Sometimes the day gets so overwhelming- Work, Finances, Family, Job, Stress. And you just need some time to unwind, relax, vent, and just talk about it.

If you ever wished for someone to just listen, and hear what you have to say?
Maybe you are searching for positive feedback, maybe you need constructive criticism, maybe you just need a real world perspective of an idea you have running around in your head

Now while my specialty has been in Domination, and reducing men to the slave boys they are meant to be and serve a beautiful goddess..This is not the line to do that. There will be no role playing in this line! There will be no guided domination, masturbatory fantasies. This literally is the talk line!

This line is to explore and reflect and understand that I have a listening ear as well.
This line is a special line for just those that need an opportunity to talk. Its a break away from the normal fantasy call, and hones it down to realistic terms.
No subject is taboo. If something is bothering you or troubling you. Talk to me.
Please note this is not professional therapy If having suicidal or thoughts in which you want to inflict pain or harm to others-I urge to seek professional help
If you just want to talk about menial things, or current events that you have read about I can share my thoughts too..
The Point is this is a special line where those means of conversation can develop.
This is also a line in which I am slashing my price. The reason is because sometimes talking requires so much more time. Now while my time is valuable, I understand that so is yours, and if you are willing to invest in the time to really talk and let it all go...then for that..I offer a special discount!
This is not a replacement for any type of medical assistance.