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Want to hear about my Experiences and Fantasies?

Mistress Phelony Q&A- Want to hear about my experiences and Fantasies??!
Call me now and we can talk about it Your Choice!
Ask me a reasonable Question!
Get out your Dirty, Naughty, Evil Fantasies
I can share with you some of my Fantasies too!

I am a BBW goddess, who is at home and needs someone to talk to. Anything you would like to discuss becomes your playground.
I make Your fantasy and dreams come true one caller at a time.

I am a beautiful BBW Mistress sharing with you a sultry sexy voice. With experience in bdsm for over 10 years I can walk you through a scene of pain, pleasure devotion servitude, completely control your mind, and ripping out your darkest desires!

You will be mine, you will worship me. Are you looking to serve a big curvacious beautiful goddess? Do you crave that your limits be pushed out of your comfort zone just enough for that fantastic thrill? Now accepting call for a conversation with a BBW Goddess.

I am harsh, firm, fair, and thrive on listening to you squirm at my powerful sultry voice. Your fantasies become my playground. Your mind and body comes mine to torment in a sadistic loving flair. I have had many years experience and will share that with you. Tell me your fantasies and let the dance begin to make them happen!

I can share with you some of my wonderful, naughty, evil encounters, or I can share with you some of my desires to. Talk to me, tell me what you crave.

About Me:

  • I Have been Dominating for over 20 years and Take this as my lifestyle
  • I enjoy taking risk and chances and many times you will find me sitting at table games in casinos playing cards
  • I am an animal lover and snuggle up with three wonderful cats every night
  • At any event I play and torture with at least 5 people, bouncing around from one individual to the next because I tire out my submissives way before I ever get tired.
  • I have studied various holistic, metaphysical, and new age studies,
  • I Will find out delve into your mind, you may think I am a friend, I am an interrogator, your captor, I will get in your mind!