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Twisted Intentions

Mental Sadist--Fetish Lover-Naughty

There are few things that shock me. In fact, my well rounded maturity is what many men find attractive in my personality. I am quite commanding and give directives with a firm hand. It is also MANDATORY I control every element of my life down to the type of tissue I use to wipe my divine Princess Pussy. See, now you know I'm not a prude.

I have no general reason why you should call me. There is no intent to add alot of oo ahh flashy this or that to attract attention from the opposite sex on my page. If my honest and forthcoming attitude isn't attractive enough-you certainly don't belong here. Run along to the next hottest thing as there is no superficial shit here. Yes, I have a potty mouth too.

I am a true mental sadist and fetish lover. The different ways one can elevate themselves to sexual bliss is captivating. I also enjoy mental stimulation as well as physical. Tapping into what makes you tick, probing for your dirty secrets, gathering tid bits of information all excite me very much. There will be times however you won't be fortunate enough in the sexual bliss part. There can be an immeasurable amount of pain once my essence overwhelms you. There is no escaping the clutches I will have on your heart. None.
Still not clear on what is it I'm about? Simple. I enjoy sharing thoughts of bdsm related topics with men from all parts of the world. Learning about their addictions and if it applies, how they can compliment my life in a beneficial way. When I say beneficial I mean financially. Now let me be clear, not all men deserve to shower me with this type of affection. There has to be an understanding before you decide to just send me your money. I may not want it..... I may feel you can't offer all my heart desires so why would I bother with a peasant such as you in the first place?? In honesty, I'd kindly give it back if you sent me money without making sure it was what I wanted....unless it was impressive. Besides, would you dare want to insult me?

So, now that you have gathered a bit of my aesthetic, the rest will be learned once you contact me. Also, don't worry if I will judge what keeps you hard and horny throughout the week. What is important is that you communicate what kind of relationship you would like to have with me. Whether it be the boy in panties who calls in the middle of the night to gayly rave on about his love affair with cock....... the married man whose wife is always late coming home from work........... the sexy 18 year old neighbors daughter who is always showing off.....the guy who is afraid to date because his cock isn't worth speaking about...the submissive in need of a good verbal beatdown.....get the idea now?

If you are one of the chosen few who truly wish to establish a sugar daddy/sugar baby relationship? Shoot me an email---with $$$ attached.

I may have the sexiest voice on Earth.... But I can also be...

The sweetest bitch of your dreams.

See you on the other side,

Princess Jessie