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: Looking for the best phone sex? You've found it, here at NiteFlirt.

Hey there guys and gals. What's your pleasure? Do you want to fuck me? Do you want to be fucked? Do you want to taste me? Do you have something more in mind? Call me and tell me about it. If you're just lonely and want an ear to listen well I can do that too. I'm sure I can raise your spirits along with some other things. Give me a call now! I'm guessing you won't regret it!
To those wondering what I'm all about I'll tell you a little about me. I am a switch/verse and as such I can be aggressive and a top. I prefer to keep my interactions with you as authentic as I can and I don't fake it just for your money and believe me when I tell you, I don't bullshit people on here. There is enough lying and telling of what people want to hear everywhere else. This, however, does not mean that we can't have a good time because when I say I want to fuck you or you to fuck me, I really wish I could. I only regret that I have but one body to offer all you guys and unfortunately I can't be everywhere at once nor afford to travel all over. If I could, I definitely would. I love meeting fans and playmates! But yeah, if I'm not horny or feeling frisky then I'm not online but it's rare that I'm not horny. While I am almost always thinking naughty thoughts and ready to go, if it's your first call to me I will ask questions about you to learn what it is you enjoy and this takes some time initially. I am a sexpot not a psychic. I enjoy my orgasms on here probably more than I do in real life as I find a variety of play partners to be something I desire immensely. This is why I am polyamorous in real life as well but it's difficult to find partners who are accepting of that side of me and thus I am limited in my real time interactions. To answer the questions I get asked most often, I'm a fully functional 7 1/2 inches, average thickness and circumsized. I am on hormones and have been since 2004. Yes, I have met people from online IRL. Yes, I am just as sweet in person as I am online. No, I don't find your fetish weird. I do however find them interesting but I don't judge critically when you tell me what you like. I offer free minutes to those who regularly spend a bit of their hard earned money on me. I send photos (nudes included of course) to those who spend even more of their dough on me. And those lucky few who spend a lot of their cash talking to me get sent personal items directly from me periodically. Also, the more people that call me the more I offer discounts on my rates. I lower my prices on my listings not related to my FinDom listing from 10% up to 50% so call often and keep an eye on my page. So break out those wallets boys because I love to give as well as receive. ;)
If you've seen my pics and want to see me live, catch me on my phone with cam profile. You can purchase my Skype ID at the bottom of the page or call on the phone with cam profile and get it for free. I will not turn my cam on unless you are calling through my other profile though so make sure you switch over to it before you input those numbers. I hope to see you soon! ;)
Skype ID $5.00
Buy Me Dinner $25.00
Pay My Phone Bill $60.00
Pay My Credit Card Bill $145.00
Pay My Car Note $400.00
Pay My House Rent $999.00