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Hypno Sir DabblerX

Cowards, "Straight" and Bisexual Men

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You're a coward.

You're sitting there in the dark. You're afraid to even turn on the light while you jerk off. Are you afraid your dick is going to find out you get off talking to guys?

Yeah, you are. You're pathetic.

You are so stuck on acting normal, even though you don't even know what it means. You are too much of a spineless worm to be yourself.

You fantasize about guys, you fantasize about being a slave, you fantasize about being... someone else. Because even you are disgusted with who you are.

I don't talk to cowards.

When you call, I won't be talking to you. You don't have the guts to hear anything I have to say anyway. And I have no reason to listen to you make up some fake name and tell me how hot I am.

Someone like you being attracted to me is repulsive. I despise cowards.

You might hear me typing, drinking a beer, smoking a cigar... You might hear me talking in the next room, or taking a call from a real man, one who has the courage to be a freak and a slave. One who has the courage to follow orders and be used by a Master like me.

That's something you will never be. A real man? Yeah, right. You fantasize about being a real man. Which means you will never have the guts to be one.

I won't be talking to you, but that's okay for slime like you. Gods forbid you ever find out what real life is like. Fantasies are about all losers like you can handle anyway.

My time is better spent on real men. Men with courage, determination, honor, character.

Idiots like you have no mind no spirit, no soul. You're just a piece of meat. Totally useless.

Just go ahead and call, meat. You can breathe heavy and pretend to have an erection.

By the way, the price per minute goes up every time one of you losers calls. That's just how much I don't want to hear your whining self-delusions.

On my real listings, the ones for real men, I have options to buy special services. But you don't qualify for those. Cowards can just send money.

Special Tribute Opportunities

Pay For My Tattoo Equipment
Yeah, we all know you're too pathetic to get a tattoo, but there are real men out there who aren't cowards.

Pay for My Piercing Gear
Oh, like you'd ever get a real piercing. Face it, losers like you pass out at the thought of it.

Pay for My Fetish Gear
Yeah, buy me latex, leather, neoprene, bondage gear, floggers... That's the closest you'll ever get to seeing me use it.