Phone Sex

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Venus de Milo

Hear me talk to REAL men while I IGNORE you!

Hello Loser- I’m going to tell you off, and then I’m going to ignore you while I talk on my other phone. Maybe you’ll hear me talk to my friends about how men like you are loser idiots. Maybe you’ll hear me talk to real men on a different sex line and you’ll hear me get THEM off instead of you. Maybe you’ll hear me cater to their sick fantasies– feet, dress up, whatever. Maybe I’ll be submissive for them, maybe I’ll dominate them. Maybe you’ll just hear me call tech support while I work on the computer. It isn’t up to you – I’m not here to run around meeting your needs. I’ll talk to whoever I want about whatever I want, and I don’t really care what you like or what you think you want to overhear as you eavesdrop. Why? Because I’m not your whore. It’s the other way around. Men like you need to get that straight. I’ll let you listen and stew over how low you have sunk, to be eavesdropping on my conversations. You’ll sink to pathetic depths previously unimaginable. When I get off the other phone, I’ll come back to you and tell you just how wretched and miserable you are for staying on the line. You’ll have failed to show even a sliver of manhood. No one with any self respect or self worth will have kept listening. I’ll be laughing at you – then I’ll probably tell the next person I talk to about your humiliation while you continue to listen and take it. You want pictures? There is a picture of me in my profile photo, untying my dress. You want more photos? Just who exactly do you think you are, that I am just going to start handing over pictures because it gets you hard? This is exactly what is wrong with men like you – you want to play “submissive” while still calling the shots. We’re going to clarify how THAT is going to work out for you from the very start. I’m sure I’ll raise the rates on you at some point, but for now I want to extend all the anguish and self loathing that can possibly fit on your current credit card. While we’re getting started, make sure you are applying for as many credit cards as you can get. Make sure you get a second job as well. The only way to address your shame and guilt is to start paying tribute to me, literally. Because after all, this is really about making the world a better place for women like me- training pathetic loser men like you to understand your place, one by one.