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I'm always in charge and you love it.

Violette Thorngate
Truly Feminine Power

Have you yearned to be humiliated by a Lady?

Embarrassing and objectifying you is extremely entertaining for me. The burn of internal shame in a public setting is priceless. Even though I'm the only one who knows your secret, you’re terrified of being exposed. I will detail your degradation and exploitation, talk about taking you out for an evening of display to an appreciative audience of my Dominant Lady friends. Have you ever felt the shame in being cuckolded? Let your discomfort be my delight.

Have you come to serve, to submit?

Do you crave meaningful submission but fear that others won’t understand the value of your gift? As you let go of selfishness and control, prioritizing my desires, we will be one another’s treasures. Learn to follow my lead and find pure pleasure in the act of obedience. I will teach you about flexibility and in my hands you will become more present, more pleasing, more passive. Seize the opportunity to serve someone who adores being served, someone empowered by your deference. In service, you will beg for the opportunity to advance your skills, be of use, give back to me and to the world. You will have the opportunity surrender deeply in my presence because one of the greatest pleasures on earth is to belong to someone special. Begin with a tribute and begin in earnest.

Are you drawn to a truly feminine Mistress?

I have a consuming fetish for vintage and antique lingerie which I wear every day. Some of the sexiest moments of my day are the time I set aside for dressing and undressing myself: corsets, girdles, panties, stockings and fully fashioned nylons. Layer after snug layer, the puzzle of feminine mystique is assembled properly. The sensuality of satin, silk, and nylon is so bewitching, some even fall into a hypnotic trance when allowed to touch. I love to be worshiped by those who can appreciate the fine shimmer of the welt, the curve of my firm calf, and the arched eroticism in a stocking-clad foot.

Become Sensual, Exploited Or Objectified Under My Keen Supervision

Cross dressing and feminization, either forced or cooperative, have been interests of mine since my very first boyfriend borrowed my black lace garter belt. Gender retraining, sissy education, and feminist rewiring will result in an intensive remodel of your old, tired place in society. The process might involve physical transformation (lingerie, wigs, make-up, epilation, breasts and shapewear), joining me for a girls' night out with my friends, or being kept at home to serve in ways that suit the obedient housewife you'll become.

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