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Tara Indiana


Look deep into my eyes, study them, memorize them. For it will be many moons before you will be worthy of beholding Me. Notice every perfect curve of My lips, the way they part ever so slightly - you want to kiss them - don't you? I spit in your mouth! See the way My silky natural red hair hugs my flawless alabaster skin. I am a true Goddess. Genetically engineered to be a Dominatrix. May the memory of My beauty be your comfort as you suffer.

Your tears feed Me. your pain nourishes Me - and how better to hurt you then in your bank account! Do you seek real purpose in life? Only through serving Me can you aspire to be human. you are here to serve Me, to fulfill My fantasies. READ MY LIPS - I DON'T CARE WHAT YOU WANT!

My specialties include but are not limited too:

Financial Servitude and depletion
Haute Couture Worship
Shopping Adventures
Intellectual Domination
Authentic Blackmail
Real Interrogation
Foot Slavery
CBT, Ball Busting
Smoking Fetish / Human Ashtray Training and Cigarette Torture
Female Supremacy
Strap-on Dildo Training
Human puppet humiliation
Harems, stud farms and polygamy
Cougar Domination
Life Management
Brain Washing and reprogramming
Political Correction and adjustment
Hypnosis and more

I am an international fetish film star having appeared in over 200 films and numerous magazines. I now produce and direct My own line of films. I have a IQ of 153 and was and graduated summa cum laude. I am a prodigy and Renaissance Woman.

I am THE one and ONLY Tara Indiana, ruler of My own Empire and destroyer of men. I am rich and successful in My own right. I don't need your money - you need to give it to Me.

Men are at best dildos with wallets. I already have a beautiful husband with a big fat cock, a billionaire benefactor, a latin lover to statify My every perversion and a slave to wait on Me hand and foot - what the fuck are you going to do except spend and suffer for Me?

I came to the fetish life of choice - not necessity, having already bought and sold two other successful mainstream business.

Now I'm ready to downsize you from your wasteful and selfish ways. No more silly man toys. No more 1500 dollar dinner used as tax right offs at Cipriani's to impress your friends.

No more arm candy that has nothing between her ears and really doesn't turn you on - but you think is what you are supposed to be with. I'm a real Woman. I will break you down and build you up into a REAL MAN.

I'm not interested in draining your children's college accounts. I find that behavior abhorrent and TACKY. My complete domination of your wasted life is confined to you and the discretionary income you are sure to waste on stupid and beta male things. Now you will use it to keep Me in the lifestyle to which I have become accustomed and further the cause of Female Supremacy.

That 18 year old anorexic bimbo, with the fake and bake tan, plastic tits and an 85 IQ make you look like an old, fat fool and you know it. Send Her to college and be done with it. What are you really doing with your life? I will upgrade you. When I am done with you, maybe you, and those around you will have some real respect for you.

Do you know what Wolford is? They are stockings for people who can't afford Fogal fool. Dig DEEP! My tastes are LAVISH!

My favorite designers are:

Dolce and Gabbana
Christian Dior
Louis Vuitton

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