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Other=Different? | Erotic Hypnosis

Perhaps you've thought you might
enjoy an erotic, hypnotic experience.

Perhaps you've seen the countless
ads with countless hypnotists,
and weren't quite sure where you
fit into the available mix.

Perhaps you've been intrigued,
but at times felt intimidated,
uncertain, maybe even afraid.

It's hard to know what you want,
if you don't know what is possible.

Hypnosis has many uses,
one of which most
excitedly and pleasantly,
is erotic.

It is something that isn't really understood and is often misunderstood and underestimated.

Odds are good if you've had
phone sex, and it was really intense,
you were in somewhat of a hypnotic state.

Those who do not know what hypnosis is,
do not know when they are affected by it. It actually happens to you at least 2 times a day.

I am a Certified Hypnotist who has
received most of her training "in the field,"
which means that I am aware of the variables
and I know how to use this awareness to focus on you.

There are so many ways I can use my
knowledge of the state for something you might like to experience, and if
you keep an open and willing mind...
you might just be surprised.

I know that you may have desires and
they may even be *gasp* vanilla, and if
you do (LOL) and you want someone to
explore them with,
you may have just found that person.
While I do have
quite a delicious vanilla,
please know I also have other flavors to pick from as well. :)

Can I take your order?

I look forward to speaking with you.

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