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Nerdy Domme Desires to Dominate and Humiliate You

I first became aware of the control I could have over men when I was the raid leader in my former guild. I got so wet knowing that I could direct 24 lusty, sweating males to do my bidding, humiliating them in front of their peers. I love hearing the desperation and lust in a male voice as he pleads with me to fulfill his fantasies, knowing full well that I'll laugh at any attempt he makes to take the initiative in any sexual encounter. He just doesn't have the capability to dominate any aspect of his life, nevermind trying to assert control over someone as manipulative and seductive as me.

These first experiences I had reinforced how fragile masculinity really is. Deep down under that stoic veneer there's just a tiny weak man begging to be dominated. Stripping away the trappings of societal convention to access that soft creamy submissive center is intensely pleasurable to me. I find that it's comparable to eating a fine chocolate. I'll toy with your hard edges, crushing them lightly with my mouth, teasing them until they melt away and your hidden vulnerability is revealed to me. I'll savor how defenseless and submissive you are as I crush your ego with my words. After all, it's your ego I'm concerned with. I don't really care about your penis. It's not like you're doing much with it anyway. It's probably small and insignificant, just like you.