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In Cosmo, he discovered what sort of sex 'every' sophisticated, mature woman 'wants to save'. And, finally, after screwing his courage to the sticking point, he'd asked her for a date. She'd accepted! Actually, when he first spoke to her she'd laughed and walked off with her friends, but then right after school, he had found her sitting on the hood of his car. She told him she was sorry, that she'd actually thought him cute when they first met, but his inept approach had 'forced' her to rebuke him, lest her girlfriends think her 'easy'. Considering how she domineered her peer group, he thought it more likely that she only feared a loss of control, but didn't dare risk such a rebuke. He was in love... or lust, which was about the same to him at that age. "Well, aren't you going to drive me home?" she'd demanded. At last, he had thought to himself, a girl who takes the lead. As they talked, sitting in his car in front of her house, he discovered with delight and a certain relief that she did have a brain after all. The vast majority of the attractive girls, at least, seemed to believe that brains and education were anathema to becoming a model, which every one of them except Mandy seemed to want. She told him she was getting straight A's except in Home-Ec, which she loathed, and that she had already decided to become an investment broker! He asked her why she had no boyfriends, why she had picked him. Her reply astonished, and then warmed him. It seemed that she too, was turned off by empty-headed football jocks suffering from what she called testosterone poisoning. She seemed surprised and delighted that he was on the swimming team, yet was also an intelligent student. Then she shocked him by revealing that she had not only dated a few of those football jocks, but had sex with several, and found them to be boring, self-centered lovers. At his stunned look she added, "Oh, don't look so shocked. There's nothing wrong with having sex early, although you could never prove it by those immature fools I run with. I'm not stupid, I use condoms, I play it safe. Besides, I've seen the way you look at my body, you know damn well you'd give your left arm to get in my pants..." here she reached over and squeezed his crotch, nearly causing a minor traffic accident, "...and who knows, maybe you will, if you're good to me." Jason's brain was yelling, "DANGER...DANGER, Dr. Smith! Cockteaser ahead!" but he suppressed its voice easily and told himself she really meant it- she was just a very bossy, woman, he corrected himself. She turned out to be a rather forceful lass indeed.