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Shy boys Beware! You Will Become My bitch!

Lonely. Sensitive. Neglected. Depressed. No Women Wants You. Shy and Lack of Confidence. You Isolate Yourself. Have Social Anxiety, Possibly. Have an Inner Freak. Dominant in the "Real World" but at Heart, Your Truly... Submissive.

Your new Owner, Princess Adora:
Beautiful. Independent and a Go-Getter. Sexy and Thick. Caramel Skin. Confident with a Strong Attitude. Curvaceous Shape. 48DDD's. Bossy and Demanding. Seductively Sadistic...Dominant

You've always wanted to talk to a Black women or better yet, worship one-- but your scared. I mean, what's your co-workers, your wife or even the guys you hang out with going to think?

Your dick gets hard thinking of doing everything in your power to please a Black women. Well, you've come to the right place because you've met the Princess of your dreams. No more thinking about it, now you can actually live it. You know you want to...

You know you can never have me... But the only way to my heart and to get any attention from me is to spoil me. The more you spoil me the more I'm happy-- and when I'm happy, your happy. You want to see your Princess happy, right?

You want me, I know you do... You want this Black Princess to be the women you want to confide in, share your deepest and taboo secrets, to be-friend, to build a relationship... A connection that you don't have. You want to deal with a REAL Domme who's not washed up or could care less about you. You want to feel somewhat wanted, right?

It's ok little subbie, I'm here for you. Your life will be better once your under my ownership. You'll have a purpose in life and a sense of meaning. I'm what you look forward to when you wake up and go to sleep. You'll get excited and anxious sending me gifts and spending money on me! You'll love watching my fat, thick, glossy lips smile just for you... Knowing that you were the one that made me happy...

But don't get too excited... The only way you'll gain any attention is to spoil and make sure I'm happy. But you should already know this. Being a true submissive has nothing to do what you want, but what your Owner wants...

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