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So here you are, lost in the web of online Domination, looking for a Mistress? 

Why do you think your Worthy to serve I "MistressQueenMia" Slave? Apply @t the bottom of the page Slave, Find out if your Worthy or Not? . . .

You'll never be anyone special LOSER, Your here to Serve my Every-Need-Want! 

What your really searching for is to be used, owned, kept in check, abused, to become a slave, to find some purpose in life!

Once your under my Spell, no turning Back.

 The Temple of Pleasure & Pain, A waits you... You will be isolated with I "MistressQueenMia". My divine emanations will embrace and unfold all of you. Whipping bench & Cage a waits you slave! 

 If you disobey you will be punished. Your so F*CKED NOW! 

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