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Dayna - Your Foreign Hottie

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I am Dayna, your Exotic Foreign Hottie - I'm going to be honest....I don't truly don't care much about doing this lol I'm more of the innocent type that doesn't care much about peoples weird fetishes and off thinking! Obviously I'm doing this for the money and that's as far as it goes. I'm not going to hustle to make my wordings stand out more then the next profile that you click! If your desires are so far off that even you consider yourself abnormal.....? I'm probably not the girl to call buddy! I can only withstand so much disfunction! HAHA seriously! I once looked at this like an acting job....and figured I'll play the part that you desire to keep you on the phone long enough to satisfy you and get paid! But, no more fake crap, no more lying and pretending to be as twisted as some of you wish I were! It's so annoying and makes my job complicated! I'd rather target those of you that appreciate and enjoy the simplicity of corresponding to a good hearted person who is sweet, fun, loving, outgoing and easy to talk to....easy to open up to. I don't mind if you want to speak about your fetishes as long as they don't put me in an uncomfortable position. You can talk about your day, relationships, flirt with me all you want. For all I care you can be silent while the clock ticks lol .

I love to make new friends...And enjoy friendly and respectful conversations. I know that most of you are looking to either get off or simply want some temporary company.....maybe you're in a complicated relationship that's troubling and this is your outlet?? Whatever it may be.....I can assure you that it's ok to open up to me and we can discuss what makes you comfortable. With all this being expressed, I hope that you can appreciate my honesty.
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