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I kissed her sweet lips ... both sets of sweet lips. I put my tongue inside her and made her sweet honey flow. I lapped her up and made her moan. I kissed her little bud until she cried out, then I buried my face in her sweet pussy and drowned.
I kissed a girl and ate her up: her face, her neck, her shoulders her beautiful soft breasts. I drew those sweet nipples into my mouth and suckled on them like a baby.

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Drawn by the heat, I slid my fingers along the moistness of her slit until they brushed against her soft and swollen lips. And then I softly stroked ... and stroked ... and stroked.

I made her sigh, and then I made her moan, and then I slid my fingers up into the sweet slick juicy passage of her cunt. And then I made her cum.

The truth is that I've been making love to girls and women since I was a teenager. Yes, I love men. And I love women, too. Do we have something in common there?
Do you like girls and women, too? Do you like watching two women touching and pleasuring each other, the way only another woman knows how?

I think it would be sexy to tell you about some of the hot luscious women I've made love to -- and about the ones I imagine making love to. I'd like to hear about sexy women you've known, too. What makes a woman hot to you? What makes you want to touch her? What makes you want to fuck her? Let's talk about girls ... and you ... and me ;)

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