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The sound of rushing water fills the tiny studio. Droplets racing along tawny skin a dainty hand chasing them aside but leaving a foamy path. She lathers the Nectarine and white ginger along her lovely, lithe frame. 5'2 perky 36b breasts a flat, 30 inch waist and 39 ass and hip.. Her full lips part on a silent moan as the heat of the water bathes over her...lavishing her like a hot tongue and she could not wait to see him tonight..she blinks thinking about the man laying in the bedroom...pity..her little voice erupts forth over the flowing water as she rinses herself "I am headed into work tonight.."the little white lie leaves her with such ease. She has become so accustomed to it; it is not a habit, but second nature. The squeech of the facet handles as she turns the water off, reaching blindly through the fog of steam to a pink towel drapped over the towel bar...the lie is she did not have to work..but she was going to see her lover. She had a skimpy black dress just for the occasion and again she thought about he rboyfriend laying on their bed...did he know that she went out fucking some other guy? He had too..didn't he? The towel around her body, she steps into their room..brushed with cool opposite of the heat in the bathroom. her eyes fell upon him, laying spread eagle on their bed.. She gives him a soft smile as she leans over to place a kiss on his cheek distorted by a pair of stockings..wrapped tightly around his face..the flash of red panties stuffed in his mouth like a makeshift gag. His arms pulled up tight over his head..she peers down his chest and then fines the object of his shame..the tiny, penis resting at half mast against his thigh..wrapped up like a christmas present in another pair of stockings she owned...."Don't wait up.." at her voice..his small, dick twitched and she stares at him with pity..but she cared too much to tell him to his face..he just wasnt man enough for her..but she loved him..that counted right(example story)?
I love to write..its a passion for me..I love to also tell quick, sexual experiences embedding you in the story..whether I write it or tell you on the phone. Most phone calls should be ideally 15-30 minutes long each part. I can do quickies..But they may not be so impressive in small packages.
::Part One of Shia's Forced play, picture included::
::Part 2 of SHia's force play picture included::
ALL pictures in my listings are of me..anyone seen using them as themselves..may be faced court time and a fine