Phone Sex

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Nervous? Curious? Read On... I know that it's a big deal for some of you guys to call me for the first time. It's always scary venturing into new territory. Scary, but exciting. For a lot of you, you've been living inside your head, indulging your fantasies, for so long that just talking to a guy feels like a huge step. I understand because I've been there myself. Even though I'd fucked around with guys in high school, it was nothing very serious: bunch of circle jerks, some hand jobs, a few blow jobs. Even though I knew better, I mostly dismissed it as the kind of thing all young guys do. We're all so hopped up on hormones, and the high of sexual discovery, that ANY port in the storm will do. Phone Sex - the Perfect Exploration Source for Gay Fantasies So, yes, I get it. It's a big step. We can take it at whatever pace you're ready for. It's clear that you need to take the next step in your sexual evolution. You wouldn't be here if you weren't. You've been thinking about it constantly, maybe obsessively. Or, perhaps, you're in the curious stage. You may not be thinking of it obsessively, but it's been on your mind quite a bit and you need to find out if it's something you want to pursue. Maybe you're not ready to actually go out and get some cock. That's an even bigger step. But you can go a long way toward actualizing your need and desire by calling me. I'll give it to you in whatever way you desire: rough and nasty, gentle and sweet, or somewhere in between. So, the moral of the story, gentlemen, is that I understand. I've been there. Take a chance and give me a call. Like milk, it'll do a body good. Don't forget to ask about my pics!