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Incognito Cara

Corsets & Fishnets & Garters - Oh My!

hi there. i'm cara. i'm smart, capable, and talented in and out of the bedroom. and i have an otherwise wonderful boyfriend who just doesn't have all the little fetishes that i do.

i'm a tall girl, and a recovering goth queen, so a lot of my lingerie is black or red, though i'm rather flexible too. corsets, lace, fishnets, leather, cute stockings with cuban heels and seams up the back... the boyfriend doesn't appreciate it. i'm really hoping you do.

...which brings me to another point. i'm a born submissive who believes that nothing's more intimate than a real power exchange. i guess you could say i'm good at being a little uncomfortable. so while i have a mind creative enough for roleplay, storytelling, and whatever turns you on... the real point is turning you on. i was trained to please, you see. years ago, my ex took me from vanilla and innocent to whimpering submissive slut - and kept me there for 3 years while i indulged his every desire. he left me with an addiction i can't overcome.

these days, i'm with a really nice guy who adores me, supports me and cooks me eggs benedict. i love him ...but i've always known that we weren't sexually compatible. he's just not as adventurous as i am - and when i slip on a floor length satin negligee with a string of pearls, he just wants to "get to the good stuff." i'm betting you can do better. hoping, at least.

a while back, a friend of mine who used to be on NF said "cara, you've got a sexy voice and you even turn ME on with your submissive fantasies... you could have great sex on niteflirt and it wouldn't even be cheating!"

so here i am. asking you to give me what i've been craving for years... the opportunity to indulge YOUR unapologetic whims. :)

WARNING: my boyfriend sometimes works from home!! if you want to talk to me on those days, i HAVE to be quiet. if you ask me not to hang up, i won't, but i may have to make something up to get rid of him. i'm willing to work off my punishment but PLEASE bear with me!