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Princess Mistress

Steamy Readhead Looking for fun!

I am a geek, but not just any geek, oh no, I am a gamer geek. I've played more games than I can remember. From MMO's to shooters, I approach games with an unquenchable lust. The only other thing I can't get enough of is a good cock. Peppered in is my love for role playing. You can find me various forms and websites geeking it up with my fellows.

I spend my day in the real world of Saint Paul Minnesota. At nights I an transported to the sensual life of fantasy phone sex. When I'm not downing heroic end-game content with my guild, I am fulfilling the fantasies of the men who call me. I am a loot whore and also a phone sex whore. I love to hear about what drives them crazy, to hear them go oom from my sultry voice makes me so hot. I love it when men use gamer slag with me; do you want me to make you feel like server first? Well, that's easy. What if I were a low level and you decided to gank me, would i plead for you to spare me in exchange for a favor? Do you crave to be called a noob and be dominated? Have I been a bad girl and wiped the raid, well how about you teach me a lesson. I'm always looking for something new and exotic to wrap my legs around. Go ahead, make me purr.