Phone Sex

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Miss Divine

These boots are made to walk all over you....

Your Life, Your Time, Your Wallet, Your Ass are mine.

What you've done in life doesn't matter anymore.

Who you know doesn't matter anymore..

The priorities that you use to have mean nothing. My priorities are now yours. The only thing that matters now is me and my wants. Your soul purpose in this world is to add meaning to your pathetic worthless life by fulfilling my wants and needs.

Your only worth the cash in your wallet.

When you call you will be greatful that I allow a limp dick loser like you the opportunity to shower me with cash. Every insult I deliever you is a blessing in your worthless life.Any moment I allow you to adore me you will be more then willing to pay for.

You are nothing more then a floor mat to me, a liner between my metal high heels and the dirt on the floor. you are the garbage I walk on. YOUR existance is purely for my benefit,and if your worthy enough (and by worthy I mean how much cash your wallet can conjure) I may allow to serve as my showermat.

I roll bitches like you out like I role out a red carpet.

So be happy find your true worth by calling and submitting to supreme female dominance.