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Everyone needs a hobby to captivate, fascinate, educate and drive them.
I can be yours.

Have you read my interview on playboy online's hypnosex article yet?

Pleasure... Obedience... Programming... Control...
Call me to experience these now!
Imagine what it's like to give yourself completely to me, mind & body; to know that as I hypnotize you deeply you open up your mind to me now then sink so completely into trance and find yourself trained, conditioned and programmed to worship me, surrender to me and obey me under under my mind control.
This is hypnosis, not role play, not fantasy. Make sure to allow 30 minutes for our first call, and 15-20 for subsequent ones.

Look into my eyes
Call and listen to me now
Find yourself getting lost in my voice
My words affect you powerfully
You hear me, respond to me, obey me.

Lazy Summer Day with Instant Sleep trigger, Pose trigger, and one more. $2 Mind & Body - this erotic hypnosis file helps your mind and body come to an agreement on just how good it feels to listen to my voice. $14.99
POPC-Pleasure One of four of a mini series, starting with training you to experience pleasure when you hear my voice. Comes with a loopable file also. $14.99 POPC-Obedience Two of four of a mini series, continuine with obedience training to tie pleasure into being obedient to me when you hear my voice. Comes with a loopable file also. $14.99