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Domination with a higher purpose.

Let me be clear. The fact you come here to spend dozens or hundreds and some of you even thousands of dollars on a bizarre fetish disgusts me. In my regular job I work very hard for a nonprofit charity. My coworkers and I struggle every day to make this world a better place with the meager amount of charitable contributions that we have to work with. We also struggle to pay our own bills because people like you waste your money on things like phone sex and don’t give to charities. This does nothing but infuriate me. Then it hit me. I can take my frustrations out on you miserable little pathetic excuses of humanity. Your money that would surely be wasted here will be redirected towards better goals. Because surely what I will do with your money will be better for humanity than you wasting it on what ever perversion you would like to fulfill. I do this because I am a student of Machiavelli and Sun Tzu. Because of this I have the ability to see past the emotions involved here to the logistical nature of things. Logistically you have money that you willing to throw away. Lots of money. I need this money, for my own personal needs and my needs that help society. I will dominate you. I will punish you. I will help you fulfill your dirty little fantasies. You will pay me well for these privileges. I will take this money and do with it as I see fit. You also will get the satisfaction of knowing you’re helping a cause better than you. This might be the best way perhaps the only way for you to get your perverted little jollies off and do something to make the world around you a little bit better. When you call, the charity I work for is not up for discussion. I also must be clear in the fact that I cannot guarantee that your money will go to the charity I work for or any other. Just that by supporting me I can still work my real job that helps the world be better.