Phone Sex

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I'm the girl you could never have. Skin softer than silk, breasts full and firm, waist: nonexistent, petite, supple ass, tiny feet, and long hair that smells like the sweetest flower. You could never have me. You can't even have me now, unless I let you.

Be a man. Know what you want and TAKE IT. You already let one girl get away. Too damned scared to talk to the girl of your dreams. Convinced that she'd have you now because you're different. Well, you're not different. You're the same, insecure little boy that you were then. But now's your last chance. I know you like what you see... Be a man. Or fuck it. Just be the little bitch that needs mommy to spank you.. Whatever the reason you're here... You came to talk with me... So... What the hell are you waiting for?.. It won't be easy. I'll try my best to resist you until you conquer me. That is if you can. My little secret: I want to be beaten. Broken down piece by piece. Make me sorry I ever doubted you, just like the girl that turned you down because she thought she was better than you. I'll want you so much. Hurry before I start without you. Or better yet with someone else... TAKE CHARGE.

Let me be your fantasy girl. I'll put on your favorite color lingerie, polish, and lipstick. Fix my hair just the way you like it, wear high heels, anything you like. Tell me your most erotic fantasy. Your most devilish desires. But that's where it ends. Then it's my turn to take control, while you relax, and enjoy the ride. I keep my customers happy, so I'll never take advantage of you. Besides... You're mine. No one else can have you.

I'm not trying to make a quick buck, then disconnect you. I only want worthy callers. Someone worth taking on a voyage to the most erotic fantasies ever imagined. To hell with you if you don't think I'm worth it, because you do. Don't you. After one of your unsatisfying nights out with the guys, only to go home alone after they abandon you for their girlfriends, call me. Stop selling yourself short of you want and just TAKE IT. I only want REAL callers... And right now, you could be the first to stroke this little kitty :)