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"The smell of her hair, the taste of her mouth,
the feeling of her skin seemed to have got inside him,
or into the air all around him.
She had become a physical necessity."
*George Orwell*

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I love to do calls because I rather enjoy the One on One interaction
and personal connection and hearing you talk about what turns you on.
I totally enjoy those who KNOW what they want from a call with me.
If you don't know then I don't know and I am not in to guessing games
As you can see I love all kinds of sexy, nasty, wicked roles

As Always - It Really Is AnythingGoes

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Yes, I take calls all through the night and most of the day

I welcome PTV emails with those too shy to call or can't call...
yet still need and crave the interaction

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Most of my Callers don't leave Feed Back but when they do it's almost always Good Stuff:

What I love about her is her ability to have fun,
not judge and really WANT to give you want you want. I am a fan!...t****y
Sexxiest woman in the world... she will take you where you want to go
and be who you want her to be... stunning....M**J*****s
Brilliant and dangerous. Addictive and imaginative..L***e.
Driving her is like driving a Lamborghini!...n***v
Uppermost echelon..W***G
sex on a mental plane hot..m***e
Trixie is superb at this! Whew!...f***c
Always entertaining, a must call for fantasy roleplayers...E***6

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Voice Mail for Jack Off Boys $3

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Gushing from my juicy little hole

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Hear me Deep Throat, Choke, Gag and Beg:
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CFNM Milf Will Watch you on Skype
till 9 pm

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