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***Keep Me In Your Favorites - You Will Want to Come Back***

*The smell of her hair, the taste of her mouth,
the feeling of her skin seemed to have got inside him,
or into the air all around him.
She had become a physical necessity.*
George Orwell 1984

To all the guys clicking around on NF- I am Trix or Trixie
The Keeper of Your Delicious and Intense Orgasms
Believe me there is so much more to me than the Physical.
~Although it is quite lovely and the perfect place to bury your face.~
I totally enjoy and prefer those who KNOW what they want from a call with me.

If you don't know then I don't know and I am not in to guessing games.

If it's late night or early morning that you seek - Call - it's OK.
Chances are you'll love my sexy, sleepy voice anyway -
I've been told that I should market my sleepy voice.
Regardless, I am here to feed your kinky pleasure as well as my own.
I take pleasure in taking you where you want to go no matter where that is
~ in other words Extra Kinky and Taboo Role-Play ~
and hearing your grunts and groans of satisfaction - god I love that!
Nothing pleases me more than hearing you come
as I guide you through your fantasies just open up to me.

I enjoy Men with A Story to Tell or Secrets to Share or Confessions to be heard
Or just sit back with your favorite substance and talk with no inhibitions
You can have a bottle of Poppers while you play so you can have a really good rush...
Yes, I still very much like to be taken - man handled - rough - The Struggle Kink.
Just know what you want and I will give it to you in some delicious fashion
Just open your mind and let our minds meet and dance the quantum dance

alt text "A nimble mind and a naughty tongue -- TrixieLuv is a singular experience. Think of her as a 21st Century Scheherazade, effortlessly spinning sensual tales."
"Trix is a woman who embraces her sexuality on multiple levels, and pays attention to detail and REALLY gives herself to her own desires.
The more specific you are about what you want, the more she enjoys herself."
"When someone really pays attention, it's because they're aware of all of the subtle nuances that can influence a moment. She really pays attention."
"Her sultry voice will get you going, but it's her wicked mind that will take you over the edge every time... love the way she makes my body sing..."
"Mistress has a delightful wicked laugh, and knows how she wants to be pleased. You won't be disappointed."
"Scheherazade.... she has been compared to, but for me, far more is she like Aida - beautiful, accomplished and capable with a whisper of stirring a mans soul....she weaves a tapestry of gossamer, creating a scene of erotic enchantment that captivates totally..."
"A wicked hot and sexy bitch of a sensual mind fuck. Voice wraps around your cock and your wallet and drains them both dry. Excellent."
"Brilliant and dangerous. Addictive and imaginative."

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