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Spoiled Domme

$pecializing in $ucking your wallet dry

There is always just ONE QUEEN BEE - never a king, just bee slaves buzzing around gathering nectar by the thousands, returning to the QUEEN with their plentiful treasures...  She is continuously surrounded by worker bees who meet Her every need... Be warned - unlike the worker bees, the QUEEN'S stinger is not barbed. The QUEEN can sting repeatedly without dying. To accidentally stumble upon a beehive strikes a response of immediate terror... As tiny as bees may be - their force is one to best leave alone - otherwise the punishment for that crime is a vicious & painful one... Yet at times the reward of that sweet sweet honey is too tempting, but approach with caution - the wrath is unbearable for most.  You know you crave the honey... But you earn it through pain... QUEEN BEE is only concerned with Her own satisfaction & Her own spoils... While worker drones live for Her & die for Her... Everything they do is for QUEEN BEE. I am QUENN BEE(OTCH) in everything I do... Do you have what it takes to enter My hive? Only a select few will be chosen as I am extremely finicky & bore easily... Introduce yourself appropriately, along with a tribute of course (click button below) & be prepared to meet all My demands without question. Although this is the first time that I will be controlling via webcam - I am a lifestyle Domme & expect complete submission with honesty & loyalty.  You may make it to My favorites list if you can afford it - anything good is never cheap & anything cheap is never good ---- My favorite pets will be permitted to enjoy - well I won't spoil the surprise... But you will be rewarded if you make it to that special list. Financial fukkery is My joy - makes My Pussy wet to spend as much as I can & it's just never enough - I constantly demand more - this is not for the broke sissies as you will be crushed & useless too soon. This is only for those that live a lifestyle in which they control everything... People kiss your ass all day long, you are a man of high social & economic status... But indeed are lacking what you really need... That taboo which can't be discussed among mixed company...  To Me - you are a squirmy lil worm, you bow down before Me knowing I will never kiss your ass...  You don't want the control, you need to be humbled, humiliated, degraded, tortured mentally & physically... You want - no YOU NEED - to be owned & manipulated... Your heart races when you think of Me... You lose your breath at times... You are here to please Me in the only way you can... My inbox needs to be filled by you all the time... Everyday is payday in My world. You wake thinking of Me, you go to sleep wishing you could smell Me near you... Your tiny dick gets hard at the thought that FINALLY there's someone who understands! I understand you... I understand that I give your existence meaning - a purpose that you can't achieve anywhere else. The world shuns you for those twisted thoughts & desires. You feel trapped in a reality that is not yours...  You understand Me... How to please Me in ways that the world doesn't accept or comprehend...  The irony is - we are both lost souls seeking comfort in our unique ways & we fill those voids for each other...  It's now time to come closer to the hive.... Show your devotion & enter at your own risk...