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spoiled brat takes your money

Spoiled brat takes your money away -MY WEBCAM LINE

I am a SPOILED BRAT who he is here to take your money away from you. If you're into Financial Domination, give me a call. I'm here to empty your wallet of your hard earned cash. Don't give it to the bitch you call your wife, empty your wallet here. What will you get in return, nothing except the pleasure of knowing it went to a spoiled brat who will waste your money on whatever I feel like wasting it on. I am a real brat, not a fake. I do cam as well but just make sure you are ready to lose everything in your account. If you're married, you will tell me what a loser and a bitch your wife is. Once you give me your money that you work so hard for... it's gone, it then becomes mine. ONCE YOU CALL, I WILL ANSWER AND SAY "HELLO" AND I WILL TALK TO YOU ONLY TO START MY CAM (YAHOO MESSENGER SKYPE OR EYEBALL FOR CAM) ONCE THE CAM IS ON, YOU WILL SEE ME AND I WILL TOTALLY IGNORE YOU WHILE YOUR MONEY IS BEING DRAINED AWAY INTO MY ACCOUNT. That's right, you will get no attention from me at all, only the satisfaction of knowing that a spoiled brat is emptying your wallet out and taking away your money. I may my have panties on or I may have some tights on or maybe even a skirt with my legs closed the whole time. You won't see anything except me watching TV or me doing my nails or fixing my hair while I clean your wallet out. I may spread or I may keep my legs closed. What you say will be ignored. I am here to clean out all of your accounts, credit cards included. When you have no money or credit left, go away. I have no more need for you, I will then move on to the next guy and take his money from him too... and then it becomes mine. Load up your account, charge your credit card with the most you can. It's okay, you work hard, reward yourself... you deserve to feel good. If this is what makes you feel good, you should do it. Let's start with maxing out one of your accounts and see how it feels. If it feels good to you, we can do more. If not, you can stop. Trust me, when I'm done with you, you'll have maxed out everything and cleaned out any money you have in the bank. Think you can resist me? Stare at my pictures and just know where your money is going. I will suck you in like I do all guys to get their money which soon becomes mine. Once I've cleaned you out, I move on to the next helpless and take his money away too. So again, if you think you can resist, you're wrong. You need this, it's good for you. Just stare at my pictures and click the "call now" button. REMEMBER, YOU WILL BE IGNORED. I WILL SAY HELLO AND MAKE SURE YOU CAN SEE ME ON CAM AND THEN TOTAL IGNORE WHILE YOU WATCH ME. Come make a deposit in this bank that keeps your money and doesn't give it back. It feels so good to get suckered in and screwed over by a spoiled brat like me. Trust me, it will make you feel good like you deserve to feel. Call me so I can sucker you in like I do everyone and get your money. I'm waiting by the phone. Call me so we can empty your wallet.