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Miss Veronica deVille



Miss deVille
 Ca$h Collectre$$, male dignity destroyer, Mistress ofManipulative Mind Mismanagement & Reprogramming.  Dark Goddess Offering Up Greed, Deception & Evil Intentions on display.  Worship and Embrace the depths you never knew possible of Female Cruelty, and embrace your very own SELF-DESTRUCTION!

It is exactly what you want after all. Your own total & complete laceration of self. You are seeking it out. What else brings someone like you to someone like Me? I know your type well. A person who by day appears to be in authority, yet when night falls, you CRAVE to loose complete control. Consent is such a funny concept. Only a person who is adamant about purity and sanctity in life are the ones that will not have the anguish of fallingvictim to any of My malice or deceptions. As a human being with basic rights, you do have consent that will protect you IF you protect it, and do not act reckless with it. Yet, how amusing it is that even with your conscious effort of sanity, I am STILL the downward spiral you seek and are drawn to like a moth to the flame!

I oooze sex appeal, and in the case of the weaker sex (you), sex appeal equals ultimate Power! Your weak sex willingly gives up and caves into Me so easily, and effortlessly! My intellect and charm will have you wrapped around My finger, as you gaze upon the uniqueness of beauty and Superiority together in perfect harmony. Yes, I know how to use what I have, and use it well. Intoxication of your mind really needs no booze, or chemicals. I am the perfect drug and the key to your ultimate fantasy of release.

To stray away from boredom I choose to keep the hunt & kill at a highly intellectual level just for My own satisfaction. Mind games are wonderful, and a perfected pastime for Me. I will have you so tied in mental knots, you will not see a thing coming. Your love-struck fascination for Me will be combined with a vague feeling that I seem to be up to something.


Don’t fool yourself into thinking you’ll have any conscious idea of My plans. I will allow you to understand the complex power exchange you’ve been engaged in when I have rendered you useless and helpless to fight it. In the end, you will feel as though the dotted line has somehow been signed without your consent. You will be left like a piece of meat, used up as as the Huntress in Me walks away in self satisfaction and indulgence of having sucked you dry.

From that moment, you will witness raw Female cruelty, greed & manipulation in the most overwhelming of forms. A slightly cute, slightly edgy game of cat & mouse will become a sudden mercenary life invasion. As the world as you know it crumbles into madness, I will gather all information to use against you. I will involve as many people in this as I possibly can to keep you firmly under my thumb.

I TAKE ALL, and I take EVERYTHING! You are a fool to think I will allow you to have anything whatsoever. Your utter obedience & total compliance to even My most twisted & pervasive ideas, will be your only savior to keep you in My World, breathing the same air as Me. I will take the last breath in your chest if that is all you have left to give! Nothing is off limits for a woman of My magnitude.

I will clean out your accounts! Bankrupt you, annihilate funds, and destroy your credit & reputation! That is when the fun truly begins! Not only will I enjoy your cash and its benefits, I will enjoy the depths that only a true Financial Dominant can concieve! I take satisfaction in watching you toil to earn Me more money. I take pleasure in your grief as you stress to no end about how to get by with the barest of necessity's to satisfy My lavish lifestyle....ALL DONE FOR THE PLEASURE OF ME....

I command eye contact right into your soul so I can degrade you as I laugh in your face! All other forms of BDSM is childs play in comparison! What makes you feel more thoroughly dominated and utterly helpless than an empty bank account? When I demand you take second and third jobs to feed My greed at all times! Consider Me your new job and duty as I require you to work around the clock! If you are lucky, I wont pimp you out on the streets bitch! It's as easy as pulling candy from a desperate horny baby! Like a dog chasing its tail, or a rat running in a rat race! How amusing! I enjoy taking all of your cash because I am insatiable and I like to spend lots of money. I get off on total control of your mind, body, soul. You have no free will. You have no thought process. All you have is what I drill into your head. All you are is what I mold you into!

It's time to begin your training, so that we can begin our journey. Pay up sluts and respectfully introduce yourself!! Beg convincingly for Me to raise My rates straight to $15 a minute, if you want to make a half-way decent first impression you fucking stupid shit!!!

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