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Real Jewish Princess

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My paternal 10th Grandfather was Rabbi Elijah Kremer, who was known as the "Vilna Gaon" or translated: "The Genius of Vilna" who lived from 1720 – 1797. I am a REAL Jewish Princess

> > Attn: International Callers Please dial the 800-TO-FLIRT and put in my extension 0281-2309 directly. Thanks!

"Be aware of your body. Be aware of your perceptions. Keep in mind that not every physical sensation is a symptom of a terminal illness."
(From the book ZEN JUDAISM by David M Bader)


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" I Almost SNARFED my BEER When I Saw You CUCKHOLDING In YIDDISH" ! (Funny Customer)
Cara Cohen 1-800-TO-FLIRT & PUSH 2211.

Top Performer Silver Awarded 14 times. Top Performer Bronze Awarded 41 times.

.טהרת המשפחה I GET it. I am a Nice Jewish MILF. I am not going through empty house syndrome quite yet & I am Not a Shiksa with Jewish in My Title. I am the Real Deal. I have Yiddishkeit which is the acumen of a Jew!


I am an Independent. I do NOT work for an Adult Sex Agency. I am 100% Natural..I am NOT A JAP or Jappy, but Happy!

M.O.T. (Member of the Tribe)
I Need Your Business.

You get what you pay for and isn't THAT the truth? I suppose that imitation is the best form of flattery (laugh out loud.) You may be satisfied with a dullard, but there is NOTHING that compares to a REAL Jewish Woman who is the best role-player on the planet! A combination of intelligence, natural Jewish wit, real big breasts and a REAL HAIRY BEAVER will bring you guaranteed satisfaction for your schmekel

I do trim my pussy hair so it is neat and clean. Sometimes though, I pull a little curl out of the crotch of my bathing suit to be naughty!

About Me: TOT:

I was raised well in a large house in Connecticut. I always had my own "girl" who took care of me. My hair is perfectly coiffed.I am perfectly clean. I go to the doctor, dentist, manicurist, and beautician regularly!
My family wintered in West Hartford. I went to Hall High (where my Drama Coach was Katharine Hepburn,) but had a house by the beach in Old Saybrook, where I enjoyed many a lovely summer lying on the sand, getting lemon ice from the Italian Guy who sold it from his cart and eating seafood in the most wonderful restaurants. On foggy or rainy days I read many books and was called on the "intercom system" to dress for dinner.

I do shave my underarms and use deodorant, not anti-perspirant, and as a woman I have little hair on my legs already. I do not shave my entire crotch as it is like deforesting a mountain and well let's say my carpet matches my drapes. Or, if you are in the UK: My collar matches my cuffs! Beautiful curls that need to be washed, rinse, repeat like the shampoo bottle. I have a hairy muff for you to stick your nose in. Hairy pussies smell good, create more friction and are sexy as Hell, and get wet and make a lot more noise! No landing strip here. Trimmed Hairy Bush...

I really need some cleaning as I get so sweaty after hot sex and every bit you clean is appreciated by Mistress as she wants to be fresh as a bouquet after her sexy encounters .

****I have to be careful when I skype or do cam. Women who do cam or skype have found movies of themselves on paid sites. In my business, that would be a bad thing. I use my REAL pictures and my REAL voice (not a voice changing app) and I do Phone Sex for Generous Gents ONLY.


✡ ✡ I have done professional voiceovers and belong to SAG (the Screen Actor's Guild) and renew my membership each year for a little over a hundred dollars. I always get work there that makes it worth it. LOVE Julie Andrews!
✡ ✡ I like to read and write. I have had articles published in Journals, Magazines and Newspapers and have had one paper on the Deploying of Bipolar and Psychotic Soldiers that has gone into the hands of George W. while acting President!
✡ ✡ I had a personal interview with Mr. Bob Nigh, Timothy McVeigh's appellate atty in his vaulted Court chamber 3-hours before his execution. An "exclusive" one might say by way of the Catholic Church St. Margaret & Mary's
✡✡ I love to cook, from scratch, with the freshest ingredients.
✡ ✡ Bagels and Lox and a little Whitefish on Sunday Morning
✡ ✡ I am a nudist and love to swim, lie on the beach, garden and do housework nude. I also walk around barefoot a lot. When nude and lounging on the couch. I sit on a towel and I would expect guests to do the same!

✡✡I I love to have my arches licked. I have a true foot fetish and you can see up my skirt. If you do a good job on my feet I will allow you to look up my skirt. I may, after we are done,You will clean me after sex. I want to be cleaned thoroughly. Feed me lunch or dinner then lick me clean. I do not like to be smelly so you had better do a good job. My body is perfectly symmetrical, yes, I have the perfect tush. You will be my ass and pussy cleaner. Delicious when the juices combine. Naughty boy; I know what you like.

✡✡I love a good suit that clings to all of my curves. I love to wear real silk stockings, not pantyhose, but the ones with garters and good expensive silk french lace lingerie. I put my panties on over the garters.

✡✡I love sex. I'm not a nympho, I just love sex. I have to climax at least 3x a day, otherwise I'm cranky.


**Shiksas who add the word "Jewish" to their name who are not really Jewish at all! It is like when someone White tries to act Black. They have never been to Services, been overly loved by a female figure, nor have they any yididishekeit whatsoever. Just because you say you are studying Hebrew does not make you Jewish. Many of these Shiksas have neither mastered basic English grammar nor have they even researched Judaism for their very profitable Adult listings. These Adult Sexual Agencies often denigrate Jewish people when they advertise negative stereotypes using descriptions like "I have a "big Jewish nose" or "nose job in the air." or "Dirty Jew" or "Greedy Jew" This is Goyim Naches at its WORST and I have to deal with these mashuganas!!

✡✡Stupid Women who play Urologist and "Milk Your Prostate." This is NOT to be confused with "finding your sweet spot." I am very open-minded you will find about sex toys and can even recommend a few. Heh heh heh…Oh I am such a dirty girl I made my Doctor have to plug his ears and sing la la la as he was getting too aroused! This Milking is where they emulate a urologist they see on a short film or are selling the films for their agencies. DO NOT DO IT! If you have an infection or cancer, one prostate milking can spread the Cancer or Infection all through your body. You can get LUNG CANCER or blood poisoning by having some stupid woman doing the job of a Urologist! Jesus Christ! They have studied at the University of Michigan? So what kind of mashugan is this? We don't need to kill off the customers.

✡✡I love to talk, even if we have to take it off the regular path. I can be extra kinky...

✡✡I don't like dominant men, I like a Mensch. I am a very independent woman and a man who puts me down will get a figurative knee in the groin.. If you do not respect me and are not a gentleman I will hang up. I will not be blackmailed by negative feedback. I am a proud woman and will take no abuse. We all deserve to be loved.

Cara Cohen