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Mistress Adrienne Alexander


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I WILL PROGRAM YOUR DESIRES.YOU WILL BE MY HYPNO-SLAVE!! YOU WILL BE BRANWASHED TO DO WHAT EVER I COMMAND!!! MY FAVORITE HYPNO-PUNISHMENTS. HYPNO-BRAINWASHING MINDKONTROLE WILL LEAVE YOU WEAK. You do not belong to your self here. Deep down within your heart is a desire to please me. Serve me. A desire to submit and give me complete control. I instinctively know that you need to be molded into the perfect slave.
We both know you need this. You may not want to but you have to. I easily break down your barriers with my Dominant power. You want so badly to submit to my commands. You feel as if you have no choice.
Just hearing my sexy voice and seeing my hot body put you in a trance. It's useless for you to resist, but I sure do get a kick out of watching you try *laughs* by the end of our time together you wont know what hit you.
You might find your self all dressed up in a pair of pink panties like a good little SISSY. I just might HUMILIATE you for my amusement. Maybe I might make you CUCKS listen to me and sexy bull have fun while you suffer! I can always use and abuse a good PAIN SLUT or three. I love a slave who can PAMPER and please his Mistress. I WILL PROGRAM YOUR DESIRES.YOU WILL BE MY HYPNO-SLAVE!!
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