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Sunday School Siren



How many times did you aspire to have the Prefect? The Head Cheerleader? The Princess leader of the Girl Pack? Probably all the time ...LOL! It started when you were that teen who had to settle for third best to the Prom - your betters always got the hot girls ...You never even got a look in, did you? You fantasized about that sweet smile, tight body, lovely hair and you wanted it so bad that you would have given everything for it - but in those days, you didn't have what it took.

Now, I'm that pretty teenager who gets the A-list guys and even though you are older, respected, living comfortably ...I still have power over your world and you would do anything to have me. The damage is done because I know what a pathetic, desperate, weak man you really are. Looking at my photographs? Like my pretty little dimples? Well, kiss my arse and dream on ...Laugh.

I have wants and needs and from now on, you will be supplying them ...But you know I don't promise anything tangible in return - except that I will make you beg, Mr Pathetic. You might never be permitted to touch - to caress my soft young skin or scent my fresh sweet pussy. Instead, you will be paying to reveal and relieve yourself and I will be the one with executive authority to tell you when, where and how. Aren't you glad that you don't have to worry about those things anymore? Happy to pass that control to me ...A barely legal teen who is still at private school.

If you are very lucky, then you will become one of my minor diversions when I am bored. I will photograph your sad little hard cock. It may end up on my Facebook page or blog - named and shamed - that would make me, and my posh girlfriends, laugh into our champagne. What will you pay me to ensure that doesn't happen? Let's negotiate ...Actually, let's not. You are going to buy me whatever I want and still be left dangling and wondering whether I will make you public. After all, I'm doing this so you can pay for my Christian Laboutin, Louis Vuitton, La Perla and Tiffany addiction.

Finger hovering? You know that thrill it gives you to press the button? Goes right through to your cock doesn't it? PRESS IT, Sweetie ...$50 for 50 strokes ...